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Read the following Microsoft document regarding configuring the advanced settings of the SharePoint BlobCache: SharePoint Server Caches Overview - Advanced Details on the SharePoint BLOB, Output, and Object Caches.


  • From a SharePoint Server in the farm, run Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache.ps1 in an elevated PowerShell window. The file Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache.wsp must be in the same directory.


  • Navigate to Central Administration as a Farm Administrator
  • Under Manage Web Applications, highlight the desired Web Application, then click the BLOB Cache button in the Manage group.

  • Adjust settings as required for the selected Web Application.
  • A Flush Cache button is at the bottom of the page to flush the BLOB cache.
  • All changes will be propagated across all SharePoint Servers running the SharePoint Foundation Web Application service.

Known Issues


  • Navigate to Central Administration as a Farm Administrator.
  • Under System -> Manage farm solutions, click on nauplius.sharepoint.blobcache.wsp. Click on Retract. Once retracted, click on nauplius.sharepoint.blobcache.wsp again and click Remove.

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